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Information Page on Educa Online Portfolio System :

We are currently using an E-Portfolio system known as Educa. This web-based system is designed to connect us to our parents. It provides a secure online diary of your child’s growth and development at our centre. It allows our parents to share in the experience of their child’s day and to get valuable feedback as well.

Educa builds in links to Te Whariki Goals and Principles. Learning stories ,photos and videos can be easily associated with Te Whariki strands and goals and dispositions are also evident.

We welcome parent’s stories from home as this helps our teachers understand our children’s learning at home. Educa gives our parents access to learning stories, photos and videos on line anywhere and accessed at any time. It also gives us the opportunity  to engage in responsive conversations with parents about their child’s learning.

Educa Touch, which is an iphone app, gives parents an even more convenient way to receive learning stories, photos and videos on the go. Children’s learning can also be shared with extended family overseas as they can also log onto Educa with a secure access.


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