Little People Childcare
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Testimonials from our children:

I love Little People because my teachers are special. I like that we went on a trip to Stardome and I learnt about the Sun and the Moon. Do you know we also have tadpoles at Day care? And I also like our new bikes.
— Cooper, 4 years old
I like playing outside with my friends. I love eating the food at daycare. I like reading the best. I also know that I have to put on my jacket, hat, shoes and sunblock before going outside.
— Annabelle, 4 years old
I love my friends and all my teachers because they are beautiful.
— Lamar, 4 years old
I love all my friends at Little People. The trips are cool and also baking and discovery day. I like building with the lego blocks and riding on the bikes outside.
— Michael, 4 years old
I just love baking day at day care and Mummy got me my own recipe book too so I can share it with my friends. I like the slide and bikes because they are so much fun. Oh , and I like the trees in the playground.
— Tamaku, 3 years old

Testimonials from our parents

Our son Michael has been fortunate to spend 4 years at Little People Archers Road. We enrolled him when he was just 1 years old. We love all the teachers at the centre, and we can never repay them for all the amazing work they did with our son Michael, and all the love and cuddles he received from them. I would highly recommend Little People .
ps. Our son Marcus is also enrolled at Little People next year.
— Anna Auger
Pearl joined Little People at the age of one. It was a new experience for our family and everyone at the centre made the whole transition so easy for us. The team was always very nurturing, caring and loving towards our daughter , right up to the time she had to move on to Primary School. We felt very comfortable and supported. They are all such an awesome bunch.
— Fi Stewart
Little People have a lovely family feel to the centre. The staff is all friendly and always willing to discuss my child’s progress. Along with helping kids grow with daily activities they also have occasional family events that allow the parents to interact with staff and other families
— Pamela Eades
My son has been at Little People since 5 months, he is now 1 and enjoys Little People. He is very secure in his environment. The teachers at Little People are extremely caring, warm and very approachable, feels more like a family. They have my child’s best interests at heart. I would highly recommend the centre to anyone. I have a 15 year old daughter who attended this centre when it was called Marlborough Child Care Centre and it was fantastic back then and still is now.
— Tina Pirie