Little People Childcare
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Our Centres

128 Archers Road

 We have a 2 level centre which has an infant unit , toddler and pre-school area.

Our infant unit caters for children 3 months to 2 years old. As stated in our philosophy, we endeavour that our little ones have opportunity to build trust, ensuring that they have time for uninterrupted play and that they have the freedom to explore. We are licensed for 13 under two's and have 3 teachers assigned to this area. Babies are transitioned into the unit over a two week period before starting full time at the centre, at no charge. This time is important for our families, teachers and little ones to get to know one another in an unhurried fashion. We follow each child's routine as to what they do at home.There is also a separate outside area for the little ones to explore with slides, outside equipment and a sandpit. Each day we fill in a log in which you will find information as to what your child has eaten ,how they have slept and what little discoveries they have made.

Our over two area is licensed for 25 children and have 3 teachers. The older children's creative endeavours are valued and the natural environment plays a significant role in fostering children's exploration and learning. We have a large outside area with a huge slide and double sandpit.


12 Chartwell Avenue

12 Chartwell Avenue , Glenfield...We welcome children from 2 years to 5 years old.

  • We have full and part-time care available from 7:30am- 5:30pm
  • 20 ECE hours available for 3+ year olds
  • High teacher to child ratios
  • Quality educational program
  • Nutritious catered cooked meals

Children are able to explore the environment and we strive to meet their varying developmental and learning needs. The children experience many tactile opportunities, literacy, numeracy,the outdoors (which includes water, sand and carpentry), block building,family play, art, crafts,puzzles and many more...

Our curriculum is centred around play and the children choose areas that interest them. Our teachers support this interest by noticing, recognising and responding to the learning that is taking place. This is done through discussions with the children and this interest is then extended upon.  

Our Mission is to Provide and maintain a stimulating learning environment which is 'a home away from home' for the children and their families.


We employ the services of Kidicater for all our meal requirements. All meals are nutritious and meet the food regulation guidelines. Our meals are delivered directly to our centres in advance. We are provided with a proven cyclic and seasonal menu with choices and options. Where required, we are also provided with allergen controlled meals as well as for those with specific cultural needs.The special allergen and intolerance meals are individually packed and specially labelled with each meals many attributes. Our menu displays a heavy focus on healthy nutrition , balance and choices.

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